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La Segarra region is located inside of Lleida and is known as "land of castles" for the presence of these buildings declared "Cultural Asset of National Interest", they are distributed throughout the territory, where was originated a great part of the medieval history of Catalonia. These vestiges are hundreds of years old and preserve the characteristic elements of old times that will make you feel the essence of those times. Enjoy a great weekend following the route of the castles of the Segarra and knowing beautiful medieval villages in an idyllic and quiet environment.

1- L’Aranyó castle:
L’Aranyó is a quiet village that keeps one of the better-known castles of la Segarra region, documented from XIV-Century. It belonged to several royal and aristocratic families such as Manuel de Pedrolo’s family, a recognized Catalan writer who was born in this castle on 1918. Nowadays, it’s full rehabilitated and belongs to another family. It’s a private residence so doesn’t receive the outsiders visit. Despite this, the fortress can be seen from the exterior. 

Photography: Xevi V 

2- Montcortés castle: 

It is located in the highest part of a small village in the municipality of Plans de Sió. It's registered in the 15th-Century and stands out for its rectangular structure and the two completely symmetrical defense towers. Nowadays it is a private residence and it can't be visited but it can be seen from any point of the territory.

Photography: Luis Puey Vílchez

3- Molí de Ratera castle: 

This military fortress of Plans de Sió municipality was registered in the 1008 and in 16th-century a mill was added. Later, the property was restored and now is a private estate. It's not walled, you can admire it closely and contemplate its majesty in the first person.

Photography: Alberto Gonzalez Rovira

4- Concabella castle: 

This is one of the largest castles from the Segarra region; old manor palace from XI-Century in Renaissance style, located in Concabella that owes its name in the honor of the Concabella family, who lived in this palace in the XII-Century. Today it is the main reference point of this route and one of the most important in the region because it keeps the Castle Interpretation Center.

5- Pallargues castle:
  It is located in Les Pallargues, a village located near the Sió river, its oldest registration is from 1061. Today still belongs to the same family as 100 years ago, the Rovira family, who kindly offers guided tours inside its splendorous residence. This fortress stands out for its façade, where there's a 13 meters high and 7 meters wide Gothic arch.

6- Florejacs castle: 
It is located in a walled village in the Torrefeta i Florejacs municipality, it is located in a strategic area that allowed the surveillance to have a panoramic view of the territory. The first registers found about this castle are from the 11th-Century; It was built by Arnau Mir de Tost, a knight from the Urgell County and belonged to several aristocratic families such as the Guimerà Lords. This spectacular castle offers periodic visits, allowing the visitors to take a walk between several centuries of its history and observe infinity of details and characteristic elements. A unique old manor house.

Photography: Angela Llop

7- Castellmeià castle: 
It's located in the Torrefeta i Florejacs municipality, and it is also known as "castrum Mediani". As many of the castles from La Segarra region is registered since the 11th-Century. Initially, it belonged to several feudatories and important families of this territory. Stands out of the castle two identical and circular surveillance towers, and also a small chapel¡ located a few meters from the fortress.

Photography: Ramon Sunyer

8- Sitges castle
: Also known as "Castillo de los Silos", is one of the icons from La Segarrara region, it is located in Torreflor i Florejacs. This Roman Gothic architecture fortification was the main scene of wars between Romans and Muslims during the conquest battles of this territory. It emphasizes a magnificent a 20 meters high vigilance tower that served to watch the threats. This fortress opens its doors to the public with assiduity to let visitants appreciate its structure, where there are stately rooms, cellars, and dungeons still well-preserved. An authentic medieval history piece.

Photography: Angela LLop

9- Montfalcó Murallat castle: 
It is located in a medieval village in Les Olugues municipality, totally fortified and placed on the highest part of a hill. It had a totally panoramic view to defend and protect the territory in battles times, is surrounded by an 8 meters high wall built on stone, so it was practically impenetrable. You will be able to contemplate its impressive presence from any point in the locality.

10- Vicfred castle: 
Located in the town of Vicfred and documented since 1079. It belonged to stately and distinguished families like the Ribelles' family, the Cardona' family, and the Medinacelli's family, among others. This castle limited the Urgell County and the Cardona village; it enjoyed wide views, perfect in war times to defend the fortress of threats. Currently, its owners offer guided tours in which visitors can discover  original elements such as cellars and dungeons. It is without a doubt this visit is a must because you will appreciate the details and characteristic medieval times' architecture and also you'll discover interesting places and curiosities of life in a castle.

Photography: Albert Esteves 

This weekend enjoy the route of the castles from La Segarra region and know the oldest medieval villages in Catalonia. Learn the history of this territory through the Lleida's most emblematic fortresses and live a unique experience surrounded by culture, nature, and tranquility in the company of your family.