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Are you thinking about replanting your garden? Low temperatures can cause that some plants wilt, leaving completely flat the ground of your house, country house or village house. In this article we recommend you 5 autumn plants that will make your garden a cheerful and colorful space!

1. Hydrangea

This plant does not withstand the heat, it prefers a colder climate and survives the abundant rains that are most frequent in autumn. Hydrangea only needs two hours of light a day, so it can survive during more cloudy weeks. The colors of hydrangea's flower can be pink, purple or blue.

2. Viola

It is an outdoor plant that needs sunlight all day and needs to remain moist, so it is one of the most recommended autumn plants. It is advisable to enrich its soil with fertilizers and nutrients to strength its growth. It is a plant that withstands well the cold if its conditions are adequate, however, in times of excessive heat it can wilt. The flowers can be of different colors, but those that predominate are white, yellow, red, purple, pink and blue, among others.

3. Cyclamen

This is a perennial plant that is able to bloom in the colder months, is very colorful and there are more than 600 different species. Although it needs lots of water to survive but is very important not to flood its soil because it could wilt. It is recommended to place a dish with water in its base so that the plant can absorb it gradually; The soil needs to be moist. This autumn plant can grow outdoors and also indoors, as long as it is not near heat sources. It can be planted in semi-shade areas outside, but indoors it will require direct sunlight. Its flowers are very curious, since the petals grow upwards and can be of different colors, within the range of whites, reds, pinks and purples.

4. Ornamental cabbages

It has its name because its resemblance to the orchard cabbages, but these can not be eaten. Its colors are whites, greens and purples and these also have very characteristic curly leaves. These are easy plants to take care of, only need a place in your house's, country house's or village house's garden where sunlight and regular watering (avoiding drowning their soil). The most recommended months for planting are October and November.

5. Meadows' Marguerite

You can plant it at any time of the year, since it adapts to any type of weather, however, its planting is more common during the autumn months. It needs a lot of moisture to survive. In this season when the rains are more frequent, you will see it in its maximum splendor. Its care is simple, it must be in a sunny or semi-shade place, receive plenty of water during the growing period, and then regulate the irrigation. This plant flowers are usually white, however there are other varieties of more vivid colors such as yellow, red, pink or purple.

It is a good time to replant your house's, country house's or village house's garden with these beautiful autumn plants! Fill your home with color and joy again, enjoy watching the first green shoots growing and discover more about their care.