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Do you want to sell your house, country house or village house? In this article we give you 5 very effective tips that will help you to accelerate the sales process, without doing too many changes in the home. Prepare your house for sale to receive visits and sell it faster! Are you interested? Keep reading!

When it comes to selling a property, the preparation is key to enhance its characteristics and limit the possibility of a prices cut, which are often caused by neglecting details that are simple to solve. It is very important to improve its appearance during the sale process, in order to prepare the property for sale to be seen by the future buyers (on-site), or by users who browse the real estate portals on the Internet. The aim is to enhance its potential and make a very good first impression.


1- Depersonalize the house before showing it

The purpose of showing your house for sale is to help or encourage future buyers to see themselves living in it. If the house, country house or village house has decorative details on walls or floors, or if family photographs are everywhere, visitors will not be able to feel at home, instead they will feel as if they will be going to live in other people's home causing some rejection at the decision moment to make the purchase. You must depersonalize the rooms to avoid the feeling that someone has already been or is living on the property.

2- Clean and tidy up the home

When you receive visitors in your house for sale, it must be well cleaned and tidied in order to show a good image of its interiors and not detract the rooms' spaciousness. We must be consciousness about the importance of the order at home, because through it, we can convey very positive feelings to visitors.

3- Remove excess furniture

A very important step for the development the sales process of your property is to reduce the “noise” in small rooms (where are usually common the objects or furniture accumulations). The elimination of the unusable things and distributing the furniture in a minimalist, simple and meaningful way will help to amplify the tiny rooms' space.

If your house for sale has a reduced room, do not make the mistake of using it as a storage room; The visits will receive a bad impression, understanding that the property has unusable spaces.

4- Take advantage of each room

Considering the previous point, it is very important to take advantage of the whole house space even the small rooms, as we have already indicated; that can be enabled as a dressing room, living room, games room... The good space distribution is essential, as well as distribute well and assign a purpose to all rooms. You can improve them by covering the floors with adhesive vinyl flooring, for example, and painting the walls white to create an amplifying effect on the rooms, an interesting and economical option that can also be applied during the depersonalization of the property for sale.

5- A house ready to live

Your future buyers are looking for a home to live in, so any damage can be the reason for a request to a final price reduction. Thanks to the indisputable added value that this preparation will offer to your property for sale, you will take the buyers’ attention much faster, showing your home in its maximum splendour and increasing the possibilities of selling at the best price.

Photography: Freepik