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During the summer months, water consumption increases considerably in households, which leads to a rise in the supply bill. This summer enjoy the holidays in your house, country house or village house without worrying about unforeseen events. Follow these 6 tips to reduce your water bill and learn how to use this resource more efficiently.

1- Summer showers

Take showers instead baths, this will help you not only to cool down quickly, but also to significantly reduce water consumption. When we fill the bathtub, we spend twice as many liters of water unnecessarily. It is estimated that a daily shower should last between 5 - 10 minutes, so if you take showers frequently at summer, you can try to reduce the time of each one.

2- Fill the dishwasher and washing machine before starting them

If you do the dishes by hand and want to start saving water, consider incorporating a dishwasher into your kitchen. This machine will help you save up to 50% of your water bill; It is also highly recommended filling the washing machine to its maximum capacity before putting it into operation; A very practical idea is to set a day of the week to do this task.

3- Take advantage of the cold water of the shower and store the rainwater in a cistern

If you wait for the shower water to get a little warm, do not waste the cold water that comes out when you open the tap; You can store it in a bucket for other tasks such as washing dishes (if you don't have a dishwasher) or delicate clothes and even for cleaning floors or watering plants. Similarly, if you live in the countryside or in the mountains, you can start storing rainwater (much cleaner than what falls in the cities), placing cisterns in your house, country house or village house, then use it to water the garden and crops or to fill the swimming pool, for example. 

4- Use saving systems for taps

The economizers or diffusers are economic systems for the taps with a simple installation. These systems apply air to the water that flows from them to reduce the flow rate without reducing the pressure. The change is not noticed but the saving in the water bill.

5- Prevent toilet, pipes and tap leaks

One of the most frequent causes in the increase in water bills are the leaks. Check the taps, keys, toilets and pipes and make the necessary repairs to keep a regular check to ensure effective savings.

6- Water plants and crops at night

During the night the temperature falls, making it a perfect time to water plants and crops. Heat does not evaporate water from the earth and it absorbs all its properties and minerals better.

Do you want to reduce your consumption to avoid a high water bill this summer? Taking care of these details in your day-to-day will help you to be more saver and environmentally friendly, helping to preserve a resource as valuable to life as water is. Have you started applying these tips in your house, country house or village house?