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Technology is increasingly present in our lives, actually, there are already clever houses that allow you to program many daily actions at home, such as closing doors automatically or remotely, turning on the lights automatically and even let your fridge notify you when food is running out. These are called "Smart Home", and they are domotized homes ready to make your place more practical and efficient. In this article, we give you the keys to turn your village house, country house, family house or your country house into one of them.

What do you need to make your home a good "Smart Home"?

Many of the clever village houses, country houses, family houses, and country houses' devices require an Internet connection since they are usually controlled through an APP installed on some devices such as "Smart Phones" or tablets; therefore, it is essential to have a Wi-Fi network to control your home with just several clicks. 

Basics to automate your home

Once the necessary connection has been established, it will be necessary to determine which appliances and electronic devices are suitable to domotize your home. Some of the most essential are these:

The entrance door: you can control the village house's, country house's, family house's and the country house's entrance with a mobile application by installing an automatic locking device inside the door. You'll be able to lock and unlock it easily and from anywhere. Have you left home and you forgot to close the door? It won't be a problem anymore.

Smart lighting: Can you imagine entering a room and turn on the lights instantly, with no switch? This is one of the basic characteristics of a Smart Home; You can program the lighting in the APP to order the lights to go on when you enter into a room or you can control them remotely.

Air conditioning: An interesting and very practical option is to regulate your home's temperature at any time and wherever you are, in addition to being able to review and control the daily consumption of electricity. Ideal when it is cold and you want to find your house warm.

Refrigerator: There are trained refrigerators to scan the food that is inside to have an inventory and they're also able to warn you when is over. This is very useful when you're planning the shopping list. In addition, some of them are very complete and allow you to create digital post-it with reminders, control the drinks' temperature and even regulate its energy consumption.

The figure of the "Smart Home" is the future of current homes, as more and more people are joining this innovative and practical initiative. Enjoy the advantages automatizing your village house, country house, family house or your country house, live with more comfort and control and manage your dwelling easily and from anywhere.