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Selling a property is a highly complex task and requires you to rely on the best professionals to avoid problems.

Fincas Cos is the leading company in marketing country houses, manors, townhouses, rural estates, castles and unique properties, some of which are true architectural gems, located in rural areas or in the city of Barcelona.

We believe that we are be the best help you may find. Therefore, we give you 9 reasons to trust us:

1. We know what our customers want

40 years of experience have allowed us to have a clear vision of what potential buyers want: sizes, types, locations ... and countless details to know what the target customer would be like to sell them your property.

2. We know how to unveil the hidden potential

We are experts in seeing things where others do not see anything. No matter how bad the condition or location of a property is, our sales and communication team is able to see what others cannot (or even imagine) and turn weaknesses into strengths.

3. We know what the actual value is

Our team of consultants consists of local experts with extensive experience, hence allowing us to have a detailed overview of the local real estate market, prices and developments they may undergo. We know the actual selling price. We are clear, precise and do not promise impossible things. We do not want you to waste your time and will therefore get the maximum price for the sale of your property.

4. We are a family-owned business

We have a traditional name. We are not a franchise or master franchise or anything like that. Nor do we have an English name, like realtor or real estate or anything similar. But we boast so much experience that we do not need them. We are authentic, different, unique and have a different view of the housing market. Our service orientation is aimed at pampering your property from the outset. Thus, we take care of all the details and guarantee you a direct and personalised treatment. In other words, we will make a bespoke suit.

5. We can buy your property

Once we have visited your property and consider that it meets all the elements of a FINCAS COS property, we can make a direct purchase offer, if you need it.

6. We can help you remodel before selling

If you think the property needs remodelling before putting it up for sale, we can help you manage its refurbishment. We will get the best professionals at the best prices, we will assist you with all the details and we can even finance the works.

7. We help you care for every detail

We know what the customer expects to find. Presenting the property in a proper way helps you to sell it faster. We therefore advise you on all the details you have to take care of to avoid losing the sale.

8. We are specialists

We are not a generalist firm. We at Fincas Cos specialise in selling unique, different properties, other than what you may find in a conventional real estate agency. What others would consider properties that are difficult to sell, for us they do not entail any complication.

9. We know how to sell

We at Fincas Cos work in a direct manner and boast the best professional service. We know how to sell a property quickly and at the right price. For us, this is no secret. We are backed by 40 years selling properties throughout Catalonia.

What are we going to do?:

  • We will carry out a professional photo shooting.
  • If the property allows us to, our professional aerial filming team with drones shall shoot professional photographs and videos (link to Aerial filming photography).
  • We will a catalogue
  • The property will become visible to national and international customers.
  • We have signed agreements with real estate agencies on a European level, in the Americas, the Arab countries, India and China.
  • The property will appear in print media, on almost all domestic online media and will also be announced on portals in almost every country in the world, hence being available to thousands of prospective customers.
  • All customers in our database will be notified about the sale of your property.
  • We will show your property on any weekday, including Saturdays and Sundays.
  • We will schedule visits to your property immediately.
  • You will be notified at all times of the evolution of the sale.
  • You will enjoy free legal advice from our legal service (link).

Fill in this form, and we will immediately contact you or, if you prefer, contact us at +34 93 363 35 00 or a info@fincascos.com

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