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Legal Advisory Services

FINCAS COS offers all its customers a legal advice service when buying, selling, renting your property or making a real estate investment. In short, any transaction or real estate business.

The increasing complexity of the real estate market and of the trade relations developed therein makes the fact of receiving proper advice very important and indispensable.

Our multidisciplinary legal team boasts proven skills and experience to ensure our customers get the highest quality levels in the provision of our real estate and legal services.

We guarantee professional real estate and legal advice throughout the sale process. This service is totally free for all our customers and included in the catalogue of advantages of entrusting the sale/purchase of your property to FINCAS COS.

For all our customers (included services):

  • Mediation in the negotiation
  • Assistance in handling errors within the property deed
    • Incorrect square metres
    • Ownership errors
    • Attested affidavits
    • Registrations
  • Legal review of contracts
  • Preparation of signing, assistance at the notary's
  • Hiring home insurance

For our non-resident customers, in addition to all the above services (included services):

  • Obtaining the NIE
  • Opening a non-resident bank account
  • We shall organise a notary who speaks your language


Civil law

  • Successions: Conveyance planning, advice on wills, inheritance acceptances, certificates of inheritance ...
  • Contracts: Donations, exchanges, rural leases, urban leases, sharecroppers, tenant farmers, free transfers of use, redemption/pre-emption/preferential procurement, buy options, deposit agreements. Termination of contracts, evictions ....
  • Property, registration and real estate rights: Obtaining registry notes, registration of properties, amendment of metres, registration of buildings in the property register, new works, censuses, usufructs, trusts, mortgages, endowment mortgages, easements, segregations of rural and urban properties, groups, registrations, meterage discrepancies, division of the co-owned good, ownership and charge records, attested affidavits ....
  • Responsibility: Arising from breach of contracts and resulting in damages or actions by third parties. Accidents ...

Administrative law

  • City planning: Arguments to urban planning, advice and advocacy on urban management systems (redistribution of plots, expropriations, occupations ...). Building permits, planning discipline records, agreements ...
  • Property register: Changes in ownership, amendments on cadastral maps (surfaces, boundaries, buildings ...), cadastral regularisation procedures, building registration in the property register, obtaining cadastral certificates, changes of use ...
  • Financial/administrative appeals
  • Disciplinary proceedings



We know the most highly qualified LAWYERS SPECIALISING IN TAX AFFAIRS; we can help and advise you on the best professionals, based on your needs.

Contact us for an enquiry without obligation, and we will get back to you shortly. FINCAS COS LEGAL ADVISORY SERVICES +34 93 363 35 00 legal@fincascos.com