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Are you the owner of a house, a country house or a village house? A property is a material possession in which it is invested in all ways, both with capital and with effort. Most families decide to mortgage themselves for years in order to build their lives in their dream home. What would happen if an unexpected event caused damages in your house? Discover the importance of having home insurance and protect your home from the first day.

Should you take out home insurance?

In Spain, if your home is not mortgaged you don't have to take out home insurance however, it is advisable for everyone who wants to protect their property in any situation. On the other hand, if your financial institution grants you a mortgage to buy a home, it will require you to take out home insurance, in order to guarantee that any damage to the property will be covered while the debt is held. 

Essentials home insurance's coverages

The essentials home insurance's coverages for your family home, country house or village house, protect your dwelling and its elements from any situation:

- Dwelling coverage: concerns the elements that make up the house structure such as roofs, walls, floors, garages (in single-family homes), etc. In addition, it also deals with the installations as pipes, water, gas, electrical and telephone network and heating, etc. 

- Contents coverage: it protects various items such as the furniture, technological equipment (computers, music equipment ...), electrical appliances, decoration, food, clothing and valuables (jewelry, works of art ...).

- Liability coverage: This coverage is one of the most important; is responsible for compensating third parties to the possibility of having been injured in an involuntary manner because of you or your relatives who are living in the same home as you, from an event that happened directly or indirectly in your home (falls due to broken tiles, floods or accidental fires) that affect your neighbors or people that are around in some way, etc.

Protect your home against possible home risks

Home insurance is very important because it protects you and your dwelling against unexpected situations. Imagine that a tap stays open at night and you wake up with a flood at home, or if when you are cooking a spark goes out from the fire and causes an accidental fire. Although we all pay attention to these incidents, it is possible and it may happen in your family home, country house or village house and damage the project in which you have invested so much.

Thanks to the home insurances you can replace what has been damaged and even be economically compensated.

Protect your family home, country house or village house with home insurance and live knowing that you will always be covered and protected.